BS 11000-1:2010

abgelöst durch ISO 44001:2017 Collaborative business relationship management systems — Requirements and framework


Collaborative business relationships. A framework specification


British Standards




Standard für die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Unternehmen. Aspekte des BCM und Supply Chain Continuity Management werden berücksichtigt.

BS 11000-1 is a new British Standard that provides a framework specification for creating collaborative business relationships. Working in partnership with other organisations allows you to share knowledge, skills and resources effectively – helping all involved to meet mutual goals. Collaborative relationships also lead to better cost and risk management, as well as levels of innovation not normally achieved in a typical client-supplier relationship. BS 11000-1 builds beneficial partnerships that enhance competiveness and performance.

How does BS 11000-1 work?

BS 11000-1 can set your organisation apart through better business relationships. The new national standard outlines a framework for building and maintaining partnerships, paving the way for streamlined working. BS 11000-1 gives guidelines on increasing joint efficiency, transparency and understanding around governance processes. It also includes advice on assessing and monitoring these partnerships through a relationship management plan. And compliance with BS 11000-1 is straightforward thanks to the practical nature of the guidelines.

Who should buy BS 11000-1?

Organisations working within a supply chain

Organisations managing a supply chain

Those who want to improve efficiency and partnership working.

Contents of BS 11000-1 include:

  • Scope
  • Terms and definitions
  • Awareness
  • Knowledge
  • Internal assessment
  • Partner selection
  • Working together
  • Value creation
  • Staying together
  • Exit strategy
  • Assessment checklist
  • Relationship management plan
  • Competencies and behaviours
  • Relationship maturity matrix
  • Bibliography


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