Today’s Digest 9. November 2012

News von Heute

  • Knight Capital Punts on Using Backup Center – The CIO Report – WSJ
    Knight Capital seemed to have all of the critical elements of a business continuity plan in place.  Yet as the wind, rain and storm surges of Sandy battered the Northeast, that plan failed to keep the brokerage operating on Wednesday. It shut down most of its trading late that morning, out of fear that a backup power generator at its Jersey City, N.J. would run out of fuel.
  • Outsourcing Failures Now in Top 3 as Causes of Supply Chain Disruption
    According to a survey of 532 organizations from across 68 countries and 14 industry sectors, conducted by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), supported by the Zurich Insurance Group. “outsourcing failure is now a significant cause of supply chain disruption.”
  • Supply Chain Matters Update Four- Effects of Hurricane Sandy on the U.S. Northeast | Supply Chain Matters
    The headline pertaining to the multi-industry supply chain disruption continues to focus on continuing interruptions in petroleum, transportation and retail focused supply chains.  Utility crews continue to work on restoring electrical power but progress has been frustratingly slow for those affected
  • Earthquake hits northern Japan, no tsunami warning issued
    An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.5 shook northern Japan on Friday, public broadcaster NHK said.
  • In Sandy crisis, motorists stranded at Big Oil’s pumps
    Superstorm Sandy left a trail of destruction and despair in the U.S. Northeast, but it also exposed a surprising fault line in the ability of gasoline stations to keep fuel flowing.
  • Hurricane Sandy Could Cause A Baby Boom In 9 Months
    Last week, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, readers @amyh914, @dauentina and ?@TheRealYadiM all asked if we should expect a spike in birth rates along the East Coat nine months from now — a mini-baby boom caused by Sandy.
    The idea that disasters and birth rates are correlated goes back at least to at least 1965, when a blackout plunged New York City into darkness for several hours one November night.
  • Today’s Digest 8. November 2012
    News von Heute United Airlines Lost $90 Million To Hurricane Sandy In October (UAL) United Airlines reported yesterday that the nearly 5,300 flights it cancelled in October due to Hurricane Sandy cost it approximately $90 million in revenue and $35 million in profits. Transfer von Hurrikan- und Sturmrisiken an den Kapitalmarkt Der Rückversicherer Munich […]

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