Neuer Standard zum Krisenmanagement PAS 200 des BSI erschienen

Das BSI hat heute gemeinsam mit dem britischen Cabinet Office die Veröffentlichung des neuen Standard zum Krisenmanagement PAS 200 angekündigt. Der Standard mit dem offiziellen Namen “Crisis management. Guidance and good practice” PAS 200:2011 ist im Online-Shop des BSI für 100 GBP zu erwerben.

Hier das Inhaltsverzeichnis:

What does PAS 200 include?



1 Scope

2 Terms and definitions

3 Understanding crises

3.1 What is a crisis?

3.2 The relationship between incidents and crises: structure and complexity

3.3 The general characteristics of crises

3.4 Understanding the potential origins of crises

3.5 “Sudden” and “smouldering” crises

3.6 How organizations can become vulnerable to crises

3.7 How crises incubate within organizations

3.8 Achieving higher levels of resilience

3.9 Possible barriers to success

4 Developing a crisis management capability

4.1 A framework

4.2 Capability

4.3 Setting the organization’s policy and direction

4.4 Identifying roles and responsibilities

4.5 Creating the structures and processes

4.6 Information management

4.7 Situational awareness

4.8 The common recognized information picture

4.9 Supporting the decision-makers

4.10 Dealing with dilemmas

4.11 Conclusions

5 Planning and preparing for crisis response and recovery

5.1 General

5.2 The crisis management plan

5.3 Key elements of the plan

5.4 Logistical factors

5.5 The activities of the crisis management team

5.6 Leadership

5.7 Decisions in crises – key features

5.8 Dealing with people

5.9 Transition to recovery

6 Communication in a crisis

6.1 General

6.2 Communications strategy

6.3 Formal and informal communications structures

6.4 Planning to communicate

6.5 Methods of communication

6.6 Barriers to effective communication

7 Evaluating crisis management capability

7.1 General

7.2 Training

7.3 Exercise design considerations

7.4 The “crisis-aware” organization


Annex A (normative)


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