Neuer Standard für das Krisenmanagement PAS 200 des BSI

Das britische BSI bereitet derzeit einen neuen Standard für das Krisenmanagement vor. Krisenmanagement ist ein wichtiger Part im BCM, wird aber durch die bestehenden Standards BS 25999-1, -2 nicht adressiert. Der neue PAS 200 (Publicly Available Specification) wird diese Lücke gegen Ende diesen Jahres schliessen:

Crises present organizations with complex and difficult challenges that may have profound and far-reaching consequences, sometimes irrespective of how successfully they are seen to be managed.  These consequences can be very damaging if it is perceived that the organization has failed to prepare for, manage or recover from a crisis – to the extent that there is a risk of significant damage to reputation and possibly a total collapse of the business and its operations. This suggests that directors should give careful consideration to their organization’s resilience and its ability to deal with crises. This PAS provides a summary of good practice in crisis management, and has been written specifically for those with strategic responsibilities in organizations. (BSI)

Um über das Erscheinen des PAS 200 infomiert zu werden, kann man sich hier in die Mailingliste beim BSI eintragen.

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