bcaw Tag 3 (Mittwoch): Internationale Version 2010 des Good Practice Guide des bci

Das bci hat die Good Practice Guidelines 2010 “Global Edition” veröffentlicht.

Hier die Änderungen (Originaltext des bci):

What has changed from the earlier version?

The main components remain the same but there have been some refinement of language and more emphasis on global trends and issues. There are no longer any cross references to BS25999 and no implied direct correlation between GPG 2010 and BS25999, other than at the highest level expressed by the Lifecyclemodel.

The Good Practice Guidelines 2010 still covers the six phases of the BCM Lifecycle but now links them more directly to what are now defined as Professional Practices (PP). The 6 PPs are sub-divided into 2 Management Practices and 4 Technical Practices.

Management Practices:

  • Programme Management
  • Embedding BCM in the Organization’s Culture

Technical Practices:

  • Understanding the Organization
  • Determining BCM Strategy
  • Developing and Implementing a BCM response
  • Exercising, Maintaining and Reviewing

A printed book of the GPG 2010 will be available to purchase from summer 2010. A discount will be available for BCI members.

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