Horizon Scan 2017 des Business Continuity Institute

Die Bedrohungs- und Risikoanalyse ist ein Kernelement des BCM-Lifecycle. In seiner jährlichen Umfrage erhebt das Business Continuity Institute bereits zum sechsten Mal die Risikoeinschätzung der Unternehmen für das Business Continuity Management.

“Our organizations face a variety of threats all the time, whether they are physical or digital, man-made or natural, internal or external. You don’t have to search far to come across a story about an organization, perhaps even an entire community, who has suffered the consequence of a disruption. But what are the threats that concern you the most?

Horizon scanning is a fundamental part of the business continuity process, as it allows us to consider what the possible threats are to our organization, and therefore what the possible impacts of those threats could be. Of course every organisation will be different depending on a number of factors, but it is always useful to benchmark ourselves against others. This is why the BCI’s annual Horizon Scan Report has become an essential tool for those working in the profession, as it allows you to provide a baseline with which you can start your own horizon scanning process.

Please do support the valuable research work of the BCI by completing the survey. It will only take a few minutes and will put you in with a chance of winning a £100 Amazon gift card. You can find the survey here:” (BCI)


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