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Die Business Continuity Awareness Week geht am heutigen Freitag mit einem umfangreichen Programm an Webinaren in den Endspurt:

Sensible ICT Protection and Recovery Methods
Bradley Janse van Rensburg – Solutions Design Manager, ContinuitySA
Overwhelmed by the muddle of conflicting technology terms, jargon, buzzwords and misinformation, CIOs and IT Managers are finding it increasingly difficult to objectively compare the different ICT Protection and Recovery Methods available to them and pick an approach that both matches their existing requirements and empowers their long-term strategy. In this webinar we clarify the difference between High Availability, Replication, Backup and Archiving and give a recommended approach to entrench resilience into your ICT systems and your business.

March 22 2013 11:00 am GMT


Practice makes perfect: using scenarios to exercise your BC capability
Andy Osborne, Business Continuity Consultant, Clearview-Continuity
Exercising and testing is a key part of the business continuity management lifecycle. A well-planned, well-run scenario-based exercise can help us to validate assumptions, identify gaps in our plans, exercise key players and develop our business continuity capability. In this webinar Andy Osborne, who has prepared and facilitated dozens of scenario-based exercises for his clients, shares his experience and provides some practical hints and tips for making your scenario-based exercises successful.

March 22 2013 1:00 pm GMT


Why you need a mobile strategy for business continuity
Abbas Haider Ali, VP and Technology Evangelist, xMatters, inc.       
The freedom of mobile technologies has changed the way people work, but the reality of the evolving workplace is that employees are more dispersed than ever.  Employees today rely on mobile devices for business communication.  In this webinar we’ll discuss why a mobile strategy needs to be included in business continuity planning, crisis management and incident management.  We’ll cover best practices for  critical communications in the enterprise and the benefits of accessing and initiating plans from mobile devices.  

March 2 2013 3:00 pm GMT


Supply Chain Resilience:  is it getting better?
Lee Glendon CBCI, Head of Research & Advocacy, BCI     
The BCI and its partners have been conducting research into supply chain resilience for more than four years.  This presentation will consider the leading causes of disruption, their financial cost, the trend for disruption, the impact of disruption along with some examples, and steps that companies can take to build resilience in the supply chain.

March 22 2013 4:00 pm GMT


Ways in which Sandy Surprised Us
Dr Nader Mehravari, David White, Senior Researchers, CERT Cyber Resilience Center, Carnegie Mellon SEI     
The powerful tropical cyclone Sandy ravaged segments of  the Caribbean, the mid-Atlantic and northeastern United States, and eastern Canada during the period of October 22-31, 2012. Although much advance notice was given, the direct and indirect impacts of Sandy took us by surprise in many ways. This presentation shares key observations from Sandy from the perspective of preparedness planning community; points out the ways in which Sandy surprised us and discusses whether traditional preparedness planning tools, techniques, and methods are sufficient to plan and deal with such events.

March 22 2013 5:00 pm GMT


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