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  • Red Tape Is Making Hospital Ransomware Attacks Worse | WIRED
    With cyberattacks increasingly targeting health care providers, an arduous bureaucratic process meant to address legal risk is keeping hospitals offline longer, potentially risking lives
  • Ransomware threat landscape Jan-Apr 2024: insights and challenges
    In the first four months of 2024, the global ransomware landscape witnessed significant activity, with 1420 ransomware claims reported worldwide, including 55 in Italy. These findings, sourced from the Ransomfeed platform, shed light on the geographical distribution of attacks and the most impacted sectors
  • LockBit claims the hack of the US Federal Reserve
    The Lockbit ransomware group announced that it had breached the systems of Federal Reserve of the United States and exfiltrated 33 TB of sensitive data, including "Americans' banking secrets."
  • Sicherheitsrisiko Gebäudemanagement
    Seit Jahren weitet sich die digitale Transformation in immer weitere Bereiche aus: von Verwaltungsvorgängen über die Industrie 4.0 bis hin zur modernen Medizin. Ein Bereich, der insbesondere aus Security-Sicht dabei oftmals übersehen wird, ist das Gebäudemanagement
  • White House, Google & Microsoft Join Forces to Aid Rural Hospitals
    In 2023 alone, the healthcare industry witnessed a staggering 130% increase in ransomware attacks. These attacks not only compromise sensitive patient data but also disrupt essential hospital services, putting lives at risk. Rural hospitals face a unique challenge altogether — a lack of resources to invest in robust cybersecurity solutions, leaving their systems and patient data exposed

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