BUSINESS CONTINUITY MANAGEMENT engine [Alarmierungs- und Kommunikationslösungen fĂŒr das Störfall- und Krisenmanagement]

Hersteller / Supplier xMatters, Troy McAlpin [CEO], Mark Westover [CFO]
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Hersteller Details / Supplier details xMatters
Aktuelle Version / actual version BUSINESS CONTINUITY Base & BUSINESS CONTINUITY Advanced
Funktionsumfang / functions

Business Impact Analyse



Alarmierung / Notifier




Erstellung Notfallhandbuch

OpRisk Management

Module / modules Find the relevance engine that's right for you. A relevance engine is a solution that works with existing applications and technologies, delivering what’s important to the right people at exactly the right time.
MandantenfĂ€higkeit / multi-client cap. mandantenfähig
Sprachen / languages multi lingual communications platform
IT Architektur / IT Architecture OnDemand (Secure Hosted) / SaaS Lösung
PortabilitÀt / devices



Mobile Devices (iPhone etc.)

Schnittstellen / Interfaces Integrations with planning Systems & Über 60 Out-of-the-box Integrationen (ServiceNow, CA, BMC, HP, IBM, Microsoft, New Relic):
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Ort der Datenhaltung
Lizenzmodell / License models Laufzeitvertrag 12 Monate
Anz. Installationen / No. Installations im Einsatz bei 1200 Kunden weltweit
Preise / price models Produkt abhÀngig
Referenzen / reference customers Die österreichische Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH (BRZ GmbH), PostFinance, Capgemini, Atos, Vodafone, Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS AG) , The Royal Bank of Scotland, Centrica, BSkyB und viele mehr.. weitere Referenzen auf Anfrage (email:
Reihenfolge / Menu Order 100

Kontakt: Deutsch, English:

Natalie Haas
Phone: +49 (711) 46050143

Das Analystenhaus Gartner hat den Magic Quadrant 2014 fĂŒr Emergency/Mass Notification Services veröffentlicht.

Die xMatters Lösung wurde dabei als MarktfĂŒhrer eingestuft.

Zum Gartner Bericht: 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant For Emergency/Mass Notification Services

Get the report and see why xMatters was named a leader in the Gartner EMNS market!

According to Gartner Inc.,organizations are increasingly implementing Emergency Mass Notification Services (EMNS), thereby building a stronger crisis communications program.

The Magic Quadrant assesses a vendor’s completeness of vision and the ability to execute that vision including how:

Key personnel can be notified in minutes, and large numbers of nonkey, but affected, personnel can receive critical information about the event.

Management can focus on critical decision making and exception handling, instead of message delivery.

Human error, misinformation, rumors, emotions and distractions — which are so often found during a crisis — can be better managed and corrected.

A documented notification audit log can be provided for real-time and postevent management.

Messages can be sent that are tailored to different target audiences, based on their role and relationship to the enterprise.

Check out the Magic Quadrant and learn why xMatters was recognized as a Leader in the EMNS Market by Gartner, Inc.

Improve your emergency response with xMatters

When emergencies happen, you need to take action to get people out of harms way. Severe weather, closures and outages all demand a rapid response. But, how do you gather your team and quickly deploy them? How do you notify the right people across multiple devices or in a single building?

xMatters Business Continuity gives you the flexibility to manage rapid responses and to notify anyone in harms way. It helps shorten the distance between issue and resolution.

Reach everyone, how they need to be reached

Reaching your team, your employees and other affected parties in short order can be challenging. The variety of devices, locations and availabilities can appear daunting. xMatters provides you with the tools to simplify the path to resolution. xMatters gives you the ability to reach people through SMS, push messaging, voice (live, recorded or text to speech), email, fax and pager. Advanced capabilities let you focus your communications by taking into account who’s on duty and which devices are preferred. Simply draw on a map to target people in an affected area even down to who’s in the building. Set escalations to ensure that response timeframes are met. Target content to the device on the other end so that rich text does not go to SMS devices and vica versa. And, data validation as well as integration to key systems helps insure that your contact information is as up to date as it can be.

Collaboration instantly and keep everyone in the loop

Setting up a conference call is tough even when there is not an incident. xMatters let’s you pull your team together for a quick conference call with a single button click. Call out to your team or provide with instructions or a link via a message. Subscriptions allow your extended team as well as management to opt into incident communications so that they can always be in the loop.

Get real-time situational awareness

The new xMatters Communications Center provides you with at-a-glance situational awareness that easily outpaces a white board. It's a real-time dashboard that lets you track your incidents and their inbound information flows. Get crowdsourced incident visibility, seeing what your employees see. Get situational awareness for a company wide view into incidents, status, con calls, updates and more. Manage incidents, tracking progress on tasks to get business back on track. Configure it through drag-and-drop and include all the incidents and key capabilities the you need access to. Get quick access to response reports, report cards, response logs and more.


And, of course, xMatters provides reporting. Standard reports include: quality of service, real time tracking (who is responding?), scenario report card (pass/fail for testing), and performance reporting (how fast do groups respond?), device validation, and audit reporting (who changed what when?).

Manage your response from anywhere

Who knows where you will be when an incident occurs. xMatters understands this and let’s you manage incident responses from your mobile phone as well as from your web browser. Downloadable apps on iOS, Android and Blackberry devices let you kick off a process, track status and respond all from your mobile phone or tablet. xMatters lets you leverage rich push messaging to simplify the response process.

Create your incident processes without coding

Moving quickly isn’t only important in the heat of an emergency. xMatters’ drag and drop process creator lets you create and manage your critical incident processes without any code. Simple type, record and drag-and-drop. Target groups and devices, write the messages, set escalations and do everything without having to spend your architect’s time. This means that you can configure your emergency processes to meet your exact needs without overtaxing your resources or budget.

Connect to your systems

A communications platform is only as good as the systems with which it communicates. xMatters integrates with leading enterprise solutions including:

New Relic

And, if we don’t have your integration out of the box, creating it with our Rest APIs is a snap.

Top 10 Trends for the Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Industry

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