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Hersteller / Supplier Factonomy Ltd.
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Hersteller Details / Supplier details European Office: +31 203 690 204 - Netherlands | Offices: England, Scotland, USA and Singapore.
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Business Impact Analyse



Alarmierung / Notifier




Erstellung Notfallhandbuch

OpRisk Management

Module / modules Business Continuity, IT-DR, Risk, Incident, Mobile, Testing
Mandantenf√§higkeit / multi-client cap. mandantenfähig
Sprachen / languages English, German, Custom Corporate Terminology, any language (incl. non-western) on demand.
IT Architektur / IT Architecture XT proprietary application development platform. See http://www.factonomy.com/technology
Portabilität / devices



Mobile Devices (iPhone etc.)

Schnittstellen / Interfaces Open API to a range of 3rd party enterprise solutions.
Support 24/7


extern durch Hersteller

Ort der Datenhaltung
Lizenzmodell / License models Annual fee.
Anz. Installationen / No. Installations On request.
Preise / price models On request.
Referenzen / reference customers Includes two of the top3 US global banks plus many sectors and industries including government.
Reihenfolge / Menu Order 100

An Enterprise GRC Solution

Factonomy Resilience XT‚ĄĘ suite brings together modules for Business Continuity, Service Continuity, and Dependency Mapping with core modules for management information, workflows, business rules and mobile access.

The product is a uniquely flexible and yet affordable solution that can be tailored to meet your exact business requirements.

Download our brochure here.

Factonomy Resilience offers lifecycle BCM, DR and Information Security mapping.


  • BIA
  • Plan development
  • Risk / Vulnerability Assessments
  • Maintenance and updating (workflow , business rules and data rules)
  • Key Actions and Tasks
  • Dashboards
  • Advanced MI and reporting
  • Testing and Recovery Site Management
  • IT DR Runbooks
  • Incident Management (including integration with leading notification providers)
  • Compliance to standards, directives and controls from the leading 3rd party provider

We use the publishing industry‚Äôs XLST standard which allows us to build plans compatible with any approach and with none of the usual restraints that other BCM software providers impose. Full document management gives ‚ÄėAdmins‚Äô control over the full plan text whilst restricting ‚ÄėEnd Users‚Äô to localizing sections of the plan that are relevant to them.

Our Scenario Modeller tool. This offers the ability to create multiple and complex scenario‚Äôs by creating live ‚Äėranking‚Äô values from the BIA that report on dynamic relationships and demonstrate the impact of losses based on scenario‚Äôs developed. We are not aware of any other BCM software vendors who can support this dynamic and real time capability.

Data Explorer a unique filtered view of all the BCM data the system is holding that also demonstrates the strength of the system’s architecture. The solution uses multiple hierarchies to store and maintain data , this includes traditional concepts like Organizational Structure and Locations but can extend to additional hierarchies for Legal Structure or Financial Structure.
More details on our unique XML technology that drives the solution and it’s unparalleled flexibility are on www.factonomy.com/technology.

Contact European Sales: +31 203 690 204 | e-mail gonzo.hartwich@factonomy.com

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